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DAEMON Tools Pro 4.1

DAEMON Tools Pro is a virtual disk and CD image manager
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DAEMON Tools Pro is a virtual disk and CD image manager.
The program adds a driver for creating a virtual CD / DVD drive. We can specify whether that drive needs to be SCSI or IDE!

The program is very easy to use. and gives a simple interface. We can create images of disks, load them in the virtual disk, with some emulations like Laserlock & Securom, or burn the disks. It can compress an image to save valuable disk space.Also, the ability to protect the image using a password is reall good. Many number of virtual disks can be added as you like, with a maximum of 31. The "convert image" option can be used with many kinds of disk images, like the popular "iso", "nrg', etc into "mds", which is generally a file type used by "Alcohol", a similar program. File modifications, like clearing the sectors, and splitting the image file can be very useful.

The program is able to defeat most copy protection schemes such as SafeDisc and SecuROM, used in mostly game CDs. That is why most game and software developpers try to include the uninstall option automatically in their setup for Daemon Tools!

Zack Martin
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  • Easy to use.
  • Can Hide Drives.
  • SafeDisk, Securom emulation.
  • SCSI / IDE support.
  • Compress image.
  • Protect Image (by password).
  • Mant features


  • Image may not unload sometimes
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